Healers of Generations
Healers of Generations
Tyra Cobbs

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Our world is changing! We’ve gone from being too busy to spend time with loved ones to being forced to stay home this past year. We’ve gone from going to church 1 - 2 days a week, to the church being physically closed and watching online. We’ve gone from visiting the psychiatrist a few times a year to just speaking to them for a few minutes over the phone, and our home has turned into our therapists’ new office one time a week via Zoom. It’s been so much happening this past year that many of us are just now getting a chance to recover.
Healers of Generations are individuals intentionally seeking to improve and/or maintain their spiritual, psychological, and emotional wellness daily for, the strengthening of the generations that come after us. Healed people, heal people, and we hope to become the people that God needs us to be no matter how uncomfortable the process may be.

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all of the generational healers that continue to put their healing journey first!